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June 3, 2010 – At the "China's 100 Best Electronics Enterprises’" Conference sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "China's Hundred Best Electronics Companies" list was formally announced. TP-LINK technologies ranked 8th in Shenzhen, China’s high tech hub, and was ranked 42nd amongst all electronics companies in the country. Also on the list were Huawei, Haier, Lenovo, ZTE and other large Chinese enterprises.

This years hundred best companies were chosen based on standardized selection criteria that was both transparent and scientific in the course of the selection process. Criteria included firm size (assets and operating income) mainly in operational efficiency (profitability, capacity development, management ability, ability to repay debt) and the development of comprehensive strength (ratio of R & D investment and number of patents). All information included in the process was strictly based on 2009 electronics industry statistical data, after checking with local authorities, by industry and information with final approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department.

The conference also pointed out that the current hundred best electronics companies showed many of the same characteristics, including:

(1) Comprehensive strength and increased status within their respective industries;
(2) Increased R & D and innovation
(3) Strategic transformation and Industrial propagation
(4) The effectiveness of exports and multinational operations
(5) Clear industry focus and regional propagation
(6) Creation of competing models and market innovation
(7) Charitable contributions and social responsibility
Being included among China’s 100 Best Electronics Enterprises indicates the strength of TP-LINK’s enterprise, operational efficiency, level of R & D and overall strength. This also represents the fact that TP-LINK has become a leader in the electronics industry.


Shenzhen Ranked Electronics Companies

National Place Company Name Shenzhen Place
4 ZTE 2
8 BYD 3
10 Greatwall Tech 4
19 K0NKA 6
22 HUA QIANG Group 7
42 TP-LINK 8
52 AMTC 9
57 T&W 10
64 HASEE 11
69 KTC 12
87 COSHIP 13
89 SEG 14
91 SED 15


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