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England’s Computer Shopper magazine has awarded TP-LINK’s TL-PA201 200Mbps Powerline Starter Kit with its ‘Budget Buy’ award. The magazine cited the kit’s simple push button security that works not only with new powerline adapters but also with legacy products without such features, as well LEDs that allow users to monitor the status of the TL-PA201 adapters. While the powerline kit’s affordable price was the primary factor in the positive review, the article also mentions the generous three-year RTB warranty which illustrates TP-LINK’s confidence in the quality of their products.

The TL-PA201 allows users to setup a home network using their home or office’s existing electrical wires to transfer data from one adapter to the other. Powerline adapters are an ideal choice for users with larger areas to cover that wireless routers are sometimes unable to at high speed due to interference or obstacles such as walls. TP-LINK’s adapters offer a reliable solution at an affordable price while featuring the best security options that are backward compatible with legacy powerline products. The adapters are also very easy to use with literal ‘plug in and play’ setup to have any powerline network up and running in no time.


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