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Surge Protector


  • Protects your device from lightning strikes and other electrical surges
  • Maintenance Free
  • N Male to Female


What This Product Does

The Surge Protector protects your network from lightning strikes and electrical surges. It is compatible with devices that have N-Type connectors. Use the Surge Protector to connect a wireless device, to an external antenna and protect your entire network from catastrophic electrical surges.


  • Quarter Wave Technology
  • Maintenance Free
  • N Male to Female


Impedance50Ω Nominal
VSWR(MAX.)1.3:1 Max.
Rating Voltage1000V
Conductor Resistance1mΩ
Insulative Resistance5000mΩ
Medium Voltage2500V
Connector TypeN Male to Female
Operating Temp.-10℃~+60℃
Storage Temp.-40℃~+80℃
Note: This product is specially designed and tested to be used in 2.4GHz radio systems. Other operating frequency may cause undesirable interference.


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    1. TL-ANT24SP
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